Vet2Vet of Middle Tennessee was founded in Columbia, TN in 2014 by veterans interested in helping fellow area veterans in need of assistance.

The Middle Tennessee unit was founded by Harry Hishon, Marine retired Master Sergeant, Ron Peregoy, a Navy veteran who was a Beach Master at Guantanamo Bay during the Bay of Pigs invasion, Sir Rich was a Combat Photographer in Vietnam, Al Potere, a “brown water sailor” on a river patrol boat in Vietnam, John Allen, former Army gunship helicopter pilot, John Nehlig, Army Engineer, Joy Dove, a retired Army NCO, and Mike Dunston, Army infantryman in Vietnam. The group met initially at Daniel’s Barber Shop in downtown Columbia as there were only four or five members at meetings.

Growth was slow for the first couple of years, and we saw some veterans come and go as we struggled to identify what our mission should be. Today, eight years later, we have 30 plus members at our Monday morning breakfast and have, over the past year, begun a second weekly meeting at Asgard Brewery on Wednesday evenings for younger veterans who are not able to attend a Monday morning meeting due to their work hours.

Email: outreach@V2VMiddleTN.org
Facebook:Vet2Vet of Middle TN